About me

Focusing on Passion & Creativity

Jonathan's love for photography began during childhood where from a young age he would carry a camera wherever he went. As a teenager, he upgraded to his Mother’s well-used Pentax and began to develop his own images. Travelling has always been a huge influence throughout his life and has become a wonderful addiction. Having now traveled in 80 countries, he shares his passion through visual story telling. Jonathan’s images have been published and shown in exhibitions around the world.

“Von der Rusch Photography is about capturing a moment in time and allowing others to interpret and build a new memory for the image. I strive for stunning, timeless images that evoke beauty and emotion. With Von der Rusch, I have created a fun, professional and personal photography company aiming to inspire myself as well as my clients”

Von der Rusch - Where does the name come from?

In 2008, while in Lithuania with my parents, searching for my Grandfather’s old mill and property, my Mother told me a story about her family history, where everything was left behind for freedom in Canada during the war. The story went back further to her ancestors from Alsace-Lorraine who had the surname Von der Rusch. I really connected with this and what it represented. I loved the name, not only because of the attachment to family, but it also reminded me of the adrenaline rush I feel whenever I pick up my camera and discover a new adventure through my lens. I returned home to Canada and Von der Rusch Photography was born.

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“Jonathan has been our go to photographer for our marketing agency for the past 11+ years. With his help, we have won awards and dazzled many customers.

However it’s the person behind the camera that you’ll appreciate even more. The care and pride he invests in his craft is a direct reflection of his personal values, work ethic and humility. Jonathan is a great human being, easy to work with and always fair. He’ll consistently go above and beyond to get the most engaging and captivating shots.”